FREE digital platform for all Anonymous programs to engage

Providing a free connection to allow this sub culture to integrate without compromising the traditions. An entire eco-system for this sub culture.

  • Anonymous user registration
  • Ask “Daily Dose” personal virtual addiction recovery assistant
  • Journal management
  • Intelligent library – AA Big Book, 12 and 12, etc
  • Member collaboration via video, voice, txt, email, private social network
  • Daily Alarms/Reminders for On Awakening and End Of Day Inventory
  • 12 Step tracker
  • Meeting finder
  • Relapse analysis
  • Meditation video/music
  • Daily treatment plan and to do lists
  • Sponsor/member roles and communication management
  • Daily Dose sobriety rewards via end of day inventory feature thru partnership with Recovery Rewards non-profit
  • Delivered thru mobile, desktop, web, SMS, Alexa, and other emerging technologies