Recovery Rewards

Recovery Rewards compensates participants in recovery with loyalty rewards.

Recovery Rewards (RR)

  • Charity that provides technology to engage members and reward/compensate members that elect to participate in daily recovery research activities.
  • RR provides an anonymous technology-based platform for any recovery subculture.
  • RR provides the dose as a vehicle to transfer the reward from donor to member which can be used for goods and services inside and outside of this platform.
  • RR is a non-profit designed to provide a FREE platform for 12 step-based recovery community, which includes a host of functionality that serves to bring recovery to state-of-the-art utility. With anonymity as the most prized possession every attempt will be made to make this fluid in an engaging social experience.
  • This platform is designed to help those who need recovery in any and all levels
  • Members can elect to participate in the “evidence based” research initiative for compensation for Daily Dose Rewards.
  • Compensation for research to help improve recovery rates. There is currently no ‘evidence-based’ recovery measuring at this granular level.
  • Positive reinforcement – the reward system encourages activity in recovery.
  • To sustain recovery a daily treatment plan must be applied. Withdrawing or dis-engaging from 12-step recovery begins a relapse.